I’ve been really busy at work over the last year but I have got a couple of things to show off from that time. My major side-project has been Lettertap, a tool which is built to help people with certain disabilities communicate. I have made a prototype for someone in particular with Progressive supranuclear palsy to use but I think that when it is more mature it could be suitable for a larger audience. You can contribute to Lettertap and see a more detailed explanation from its GitHub page.

The gist of Lettertap that it is a jQuery Mobile-based web page designed for iPad which shows one letter at a time. Almost the whole screen is tappable and will add the current letter to a list. Lettertap is designed for those who have difficulty communicating, but can perform a recognisable action. This action could be tapping the screen to add a letter, or even blinking to let a carer know to tap the screen. A carer has control over the speed at which the letters change, and over which alphabet to use (current options include the A-Z, a frequency-based alphabet and a “Yes / No” alphabet). Get in touch if you have a friend or relative with a similar disability and I will do my best to accommodate their needs into Lettertap if it is suitable.

Thanks go to Bristol Web Folk for kicking me into action on this, and providing me some nice prizes too. Thank you also to the other Meetup-ers who provided documentation and vision.

I’ve also written some blog posts for Delib and HybridCluster, on Agile (http://www.delib.net/dblog/delib-goes-agiler/) and dealing with feature requests (http://www.hybridcluster.com/blog/dealing-with-feature-requests/).